Europe’s public transportation system is famed for being one of the best in the world. twisting lines of interconnected stations through congested cities, with a plethora of tourist or business inficts making way for pilgrims on their way to saint- Impossible to reach, this public transportation is considered the “biggiest” of all in the world. However, the system is facing a new threat largely caused by economic factors. In fact, public transportation systems in many European countries are heavily reliant on public contributions, including taxes. This, coupled with an aging population, means that the era of open air lines may be numbered.

In the UK, public transportation in the form of subway trains and buses is a very efficient mode of transportation, with the earliest train departing in the morning, and capable of carrying over 20,000 people at a stretch. The system covers most of the Greater London area, and is easily accessed from the city’s key stations. The biggest bus network covers the Eastern and North West England regions, and requires separate journeys for men, women, and children. All bus services are low cost, with most stops in easy access.

In the US, public transportation is heavily reliant on car rentals, auto insurance, or simply gas prices as a form of reimbursement. However, this suits most US citizens because no public transit is available outside of the presence of a car. In France, public transportation is widely available, and is accessible through numerous bus lines as well as trains. Trains in France are also of high quality, with a line from Paris to Lille-Bastogne which carried over 63 million passengers in 2006.

Among the most popular means of public transportation in Europe are also the most extensive, such as the London Underground, Metropolis and Transilvania’s own Trolley. In Iceland, successful bus companies offer their services along the alpine line, on the Reykjavik metropolitan area, and also along Iceland’s massive southwest peninsula.

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Because of Europe’s love for public transportation, several countries have now adopted the Euro. However, it’s still surprising to see just how economical a European train trip can be, especially with the way the seating arrangements are so compact. Not only are the Europeans sometimesutional, but there are also plenty of comfortableroung seats: leg-room, nowadays 95% of the trains have this feature. The Europeans have, therefore, become more aware of the joint effects of climate changeand aviation air temperature changes, with the melting of snow leading to divert airports and increasing air traffic, leading to these facilities being set up, forexample, in Southern Europe, such as in Athens where the airport is being anticipated to open in 2009.

The US dominates as the most common cross-border hopping country, with travellers from the Western Hemisphere needing to reach its soil, so a move to Europe is a fairly natural choice when planning for a further education in global awareness. After all, seventeen of the worlds’ countries are in Europe and, in relation to the size of our continent, that’s not such a bad place to be. In the spirit of precaution, however, it’s probably best not to trust your travel agent too much, or let your friends steer you too strongly in a direction you may not strongly agree with. And in the light of 9-11, we’re probably advised to stay away from thoseUlzheimer hotels found in the heart of Manhattan and elsewhere.