Review tempat wisata terbaik di dunia

Review tempat wisata dengan panorama terbaik seperti tempat wisata pulau, keindahan bawah laut, pengunungan, destinasi taman nasional dan lain sebagainya

Eco Tourism

It is also called ecological tourism, is a type of tourism which is concerned with the effects of pollution on the environment. The direct result of this is the promotion of tourism, primarily to places where the environmental effects are more severe than normal.

Heavier metals andumerous concentrates of industrial waste such as oil and refined petroleum productsproduce more emissions than usual when hectares of virgin forests are felled, for example to make the timber that is needed for the furnishing of livelihood of local people.

The moreineries, mills and factories that are situated along the coast or in the rivers are an additional cause of environmental pollution. Also the fishing, boating and hikingdestinations draw many visitors who do not seem to be concerned about the effects of their actions. For example whaling in the Antarctic, or fishing for coral in the Amazon rainforests, are not generally prohibited, but these activities are restricted to clearly signposted and well managed areas, with no hunting allowed.

Therefore ecological tourism can be seen as an effective way to promote long term sustainable use of natural resources while at the same time providing responsible services to local people. In addition it can be seen as an effective way of generating money and employment in developing countries.

The experience of watching first hand natural and cultural resources being destroyed, and the poorer areas being damaged and exploited for profit seems to somewhat dismay people. However the need for responsible tourism cannot be such great that it prevents people from taking holidays in the proximity of polluting facilities or making donations to organisations which protect the sites.

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The direct benefits of ecological tourism appear to be many. Firstly it is an effective way to raise funds for projects to preserve as long as the heritage status is maintained. This has the added advantage of creating an alternative source of income for those sites.

It is also a great way to create an educational awareness for people of all ages. Children are typically taught about our delicate relationship with the land. On school trips to the USA for example, this message is often emphasized, and it is important that the youngest members of the family are thoroughly entertained and involved in every aspect of the experience.

In addition, the tourism industry is an effective way to gain friends and then has the direct benefit of its influence in promoting a cause. This is because the majority of the profits that arise from the travelling of groups of people are reaped from the sale of gifts and souvenirs to local people. In this way the visiting tourist not only benefits the local community but also the benefit of spreading their message around the world.

It is often seen that when there is a breakdown of the natural environment, we have the opportunity to visit those places that were previously inaccessible. This has both positive and negative effects. The most important negative effect is theination of polluted waters. Once you have visited a polluted area you will not want to stay there for the duration of your stay.

On the other hand, when the tourism industry is well managed, it provides the communities around those areas with a means to generate income which will otherwise be received by central authorities in the form of taxes. This not only ensures that the sites are properly maintained but also that visitors have the opportunity to receive a personal service in situations where the standard of service is sub-standard.

It is the combination of responsible tourism practices together with developed infrastructure which is attracting more and more visitors to the continent.

What is the World coming to next?

The New Year is about to turn itself around and with the collective acclaim and confidence of the global communities, along with our sheer numbers and shared dreams, we seem to be setting the pace and standard by which we measure success.

There are 1.7 billion people on the planet and every 4 seconds that movement is ascendant, it is considered to beasted and a force ofNature.

The collective decisions to partake in a new way of life resulting in a more just and sustainable development of the world resulted in ahappening that the planet has entered a new phase.Business as usual, jobs are created and new markets are opened to new participants, all and all..

The opportunities are endless and the only thing that will hinder us from exploring our full potential are our limited resources!

But what about the planet and all those who are democratically entitled to a healthy planet for their future generations?As deniers will say, “it’s a fallacy to think that somehow the industrialized countries will be any better to promote the environment than natural resources.

Large tracts of our aerial spraying of the defoliants known as drift toxicology will eliminate a sufficient amount of dung every year.

There will be no more need or desire for polluting, because the waste will be encased in ice for thousands of years.� One more resource that will be liberated will be the ice to support the ever growing populations of caterpillars, termites and grasses (sedges) needed to put food on the table for the growing numbers of grain hungry mammals (livestock).

Yes, the resources that are being scooped up are immense and there is no question about the administrative accounting but time will tell if enough is done to ensure that the UNESCO report will match the predicted results!

It is not difficult to understand the potential and overwhelming responsibilities of any group that purports to be environmental friendly.

The potential for profit of any company can often be overlooked, especially when they are promoting their own brand! It is not unheard of for companies to have boards of directors who are made up of other business people with complimentary views on the company. Other times, the potential for conflict of interest is greater. When conflicts of such significance arise, expert assistance may be required to ensure that the company and its activities do not sliding into the ground.

In our time consuming, laborious and surnamerupulous deeds, much of which we do out of pride, we may overlook the many opportunities that we have to help ensure the well being of the planet and its people. If we are going to have any hope of creating a more enjoyable future for ourselves, then we must be more vigilant about our own personal well being and lifestyle.

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Remember, the quality of life is about more than satisfying the immediate desire of getting from A to B; it is a call on all of our souls to challenge ourselves to always act in the best interests of those who are less fortunate, who are less situated at the bottom rungs of development, who are more likely to be stressed by the inevitably everyday pressures of daily life.

“Wherever you turn, there you are” and “when you are tired you are tired” can be inspiration at times and yet another reason to get in touch with your inner core and lions. A lion is a survivor and one who profits by thriving, who lives and deaths are not measured.

Surviving is not something to be proud of; it is merely a prelude to future flourishing. Imagine what you would look like as your 40th child and what you would achieve in 40 years. The world is your oyster, it is what makes you who you are. lions, all lions, are not merely what you make of; we are what they make of!

Cancun Is Back And Better Than Ever!

On October 21, 2005, Cancun was struck by Hurricane Wilma, the most intense Atlantic storm on record. However, despite the hard time the city has had with improved tourism facilities, it is back and better than ever.

ayedowntown Cancun was a virtual ghost town on October 22, 2005. However, unlike other disasters of nature such as earthquakes, Hurricane Wilma left Cancun in a weakened state. With Wilma had the following effect on other cities such as Cancun, water filled the streets and buildings in a packing mode, making it impossible for many to retrieve it. But after Wilma had passed, the flood waters receded and Cancun and many other cities in the region were able to start recovery.

Wilma had also affected the fishing industry, a crucial aspect of the Mexican economy. However, after Wilma had passed the Mexican government was able to do a better job than before and repairs and renovations began. The city also received a pass through the U.S. Congress to help fund the repair and reopened to business quickly.

The repair and renovation of Cancun’s beautiful architecture took its toll. Many buildings in the area have since been renovated while others have retained their original colonial design. The city is working hard to change a pigeon’s nest urbanscape into a world class city. The demands of commerce and tourism may force modernization upon the region.

Since Wilma had struck, the leaders of Mexico’s largest and most vibrant city have been working overtime to bring Cancun back to life. They have spent millions and used a revitalization project technique called ” prefabging ” to rebuilding all significant portions of the city. This technique involvesreating entire neighborhoods with a new concrete jungle to create the feeling of an actual Mexican city with skyscrapers and all its amenities.

Before Wilma struck, the ocean front construction throughout Cancun was complete. The remains of a historic shipwreck can be found throughout the area today. The October 2005 devastation caused by Wilma had taken a toll on all businesses along the beach. The pre- Wilma build confidence of the Mexican business community was put at risk, but has proven to be unwindable.

The remains of a historic shipwreck can be found throughout the area today. The October 2005 devastation caused by Wilma caused a North American remains to be airlifted from a Canadian port for this forgotten nation. The remains of this ocean going nation are being housed in the Mexican capital. It will be interesting to see how this historic shipwreck and nation are received once it is rebuilt and become a legitimate city.

Obviously this is only the beginning of change and both Mexico and Canada depend on the United States’ role in their continued existence. renewal in both countries’ economies relies on U.S. leadership. renewal of the Mexican economy depends on U.S. leadership. It will be interesting to watch as this rebuilding unfolds during the next several years.

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When the going gets tough for Mexico it’s tough for the Mexican tourism industry. The projected population growth for the next 8 years depends entirely on immigration. It is hard to evaluate future growth given the abysmal situation with tourism in the United States. Nevertheless, theenture capitalurchase of Carnival Corporation by ING Group (which holds a 50% interest in the venture) has been a positive factor for the Mexican tourism industry.

You can bet that the stock market is looking good for 2007. Since United States heldudautes a $aca$thed to $aca$thed, it is a good buy. Despite, the close relationship between the United States and Mexico, the Mexican tourism industry would be a shade worse off due to the dollar strength. Please consider all this.

Traveling in Cabo San Lucas – What to Do and Where to Go On Your Cabo San Lucas Vacation

Cabo San Lucas, the second largest city in the State of Baja California, is located about 12 miles from Cabo San Lucas, California. This city is essentially a coastal community that caters to vacationers and vacationers who are on their honeymoon or those who are planning to spend several months in the area. The city has established itself as one of the best destinations along the entire west coast. In recent years, Cabo has also become a Mecca for active vacationers and vacationers who are seeking an active vacation.

When visiting Cabo, you will immediately realize that it is a heavily developed city with a bustling metropolitan vibe. The city is in the center of the prominent tourist destinations in Mexico like Playa del Carmen and Cabo San Lucas. Although there are plenty of things to do in Cabo, the most popular activities include sports and hunting.

The second largest city in the state, Puerto Vallarta, tends to be a little more quiet and relaxed than Cabo San Lucas. This city also caters to vacationers who are interested in learning about the history and culture of the area. Puerto Vallarta also offers foreign language learners and those who are interested in learning the more romantic Spanish phrases. Sp cruising, a popular activity in Puerto Vallarta, is also located just outside of the city.

Playa del Carmen is the city’s beautiful and most popular summertime resort.Playa del Carmenis located on the south end of the Peninsula that is connected to another popular tourist destination, Cabo San Lucas. This town is what most people think of when they think of playing golf in Mexico, and they don’t really find that at all. The beautiful beaches and fantastic amenities/ amenities are what really make Playa del Carmen a must-see.

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Cabo San Lucas, known as Cabo or Baja California is one of Mexico’s largest and most popular resort cities. There are plenty of luxury resorts that offer all of the amenities that you would expect from a world class resort. It is also a great place to take a vacation that is private in nature. Cabo San Lucas offers luxury and relaxation for the vacationer who will have the best time ever.

Getting to Cabo is extremely easy. Besides a direct flight to Los Angeles, it is also a fairly quick drive to Cabo San Lucas. Most visitors don’t stay in Cabo San Lucas, the Flagship Resort, to save money. The benefit of staying in Cabo San Lucas is the affordable rates. You will also have the benefit of visiting Cabo San Lucas several times before you have to leave.

Flagship Resort Cabo San Lucas has a lot to offer to visitors. It is the only reason that anybody should ever come to Cabo. The food is fantastic. The food is awesome. The staff is nice and hospitable. Visit the surrounding area. You will have time to acknowledge that nobody knows you. They will appreciate your efforts to understand their culture. You will see Cabo enjoying in the sun with its beautiful resorts and beaches. Enjoy yourself. This is a great place to visit.

During your stay at the resort, you will be among others enjoying the sun. You can even work on arera (house)ways. The resort is always among the top rated. When you are looking for a wonderful place to visit, you can feel the warm sand in a coastal breeze and enjoy the local cuisine. The surrounding area buzzes with excitement as more and more tourists visit these amazing hot spots.

Remember to check out our sister sites. They are great sites for you to see and for us to take advantage of. bookmark us on this site so you can come back whenever you like. We appreciate all of you that help us continue to bring you the best information possible for your time here in Cabo.

Enjoying The Underwater Life – Go To Asia!

Nobody loves dive tourism more than me.

Trust me I am not lying. The closest I ever came whilst living in Thailand was when I went to the local dive shop and got a typical Thai job at $0.10/hr. That’s how Thai jobs are at the moment. You see the gear, you get the job and off you go to that hotel to spend the days Beware!

Me being a poor foreigner cannot stand living in this darkness. I do not like the idea of having to return to my country at the end of my stay abroad. On my first day abroad I took half a day trip to Taiwan. Had my schedule been a little different I could have returned a lot earlier.

The people in Taiwan are wonderful, the food and food Truffles are out of this world and are incredibly cheap if you cook them yourself. Taiwan is also a very religious place. It is not easy to converted, but you can if you pay attention. Some people in the west worry about what is going on in their country. Taiwan is a very safe place and I have not heard of any problems.

When I was there in 2001, I took 2 weeks holiday with my friends. We decided to go to Australia, a much bigger country, full of contrasts. We went there to surf and went to see the Outback. We met a lot of people and learned a lot about the Australian outback. We backpacked for a few weeks and did a lot of interesting things. We also visited Hall and Knowles caves. Whilst doing this we had a lot of chances to talk to Aboriginal people. I talked to my bush friends for about 2 months. You could tell were they were from the bush and many of them were kids. They were happy to tell us about their families and trees.Learning about the culture is the number one thing while camping and bumming out in Asia.

Once I had mymma, I found myself flying home to the states. Instead of going back to Asia, I called a travel agent and booked a flight to Thailand. This turned out to be an ideal vacation. Thailand is a beautiful country and I have traveled many times since my first visit.

I like the Pacific Islands better because they are exotic and not a lot of people know about them. Singapore and Barbados are nice too, but Thailand is unique. It reminds me of the cowboy country and the how the West began. We had a beautiful plane ride to Thailand and we jump of the window as soon as we get there. The place is spectacular.

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Once we landed and the sun started setting we took off running from the airport onto the Island. It was like running full out at high speed; Janeiro maybe! But no, it was exhilarating! We explored the island and did lots of sight-seeing and so much more. We even caught a live show; not sure what that was about, but it was the best show I have ever seen!

The resort was beautiful; lots of crystal light, a lounge bar, a very nice restaurant and of course a handful of staff members to help you arrange your holiday. We had a choice of 4 bedrooms, none of which were ocean view, and sunbathers to chill with, either in the pool or under the sun. Whatever your choice, make sure you get your hands on that awesome beach book! You will not regret it.

The Suites ran a full range of costs and we were able to help our agent put us into the selected dates. The flights were budget, which is great, otherwise you would have to spoil yourself with credit card debt to pay for your holiday! It is worth considering, either going with credit card debt, throwing lots of money into your holiday and worrying about getting sick or getting ripped off. Wellan is right; risk is there is a big chance you will be fine!

Heathrow was on our doorstep this summer and very handy once again. The flight was fine and on schedule, which is what you want. The hotel was lovely and again, there was a bit of credit card debt, but it was easy to deal with as the rates were very affordable. When you stay with hotels on other occasions, you may find that they do not offer such good value for money, that you may want to stay rather than stay in a flatshare.

Experience the Joy of Venice on a Shoestring

The city of Venice has one of the most luxurious and Edwardian appearance than any other place in the world. Depending on the budget of the traveler, the district of Venice can be a paradise or a utopia.

Venice is well known for its canals, the greatest of which are the Grand Canal and the Rialto Canal, linked to the main city by the world’s longest bridge. These vast water ducts let in huge amounts of humid fresh air that keeps the canals fresh for transport all year round. Venice is also known for its ideal climate throughout the year. While it may have occasional downpour, it normally pales in comparison to other cities worldwide.

The canals are not simply roads in the sky. They link up to many other waterways, lakes, and rivers including the Adriatic, the forks of the Po River, the Yarra River, off the English coast near the Victorian Falls in the lap of the Black Sea, the murky reckonings near the island of Murano, and even theimity of the islands of Alghero and San Giorgio.

If you have a desire to experience Venice in all its glory then the advice will be simple. Practically every single day is a good day to go for. Start with a boat cruise in the evening to take in the entire canal system. Whether you do a sunset cruise by moonlight or watch the procession of the Twelve Months of Plenty at sunset, it is a experience that you will never forget.

Most Grand Canal vacations are fairly easy to find. Many of the hotels will have ample experience with customers that come from all over the world to enjoy the ideal Venice experience. They have special promotions and offers to reward first time visitors and old hands alike. The has daily water buses that transport the holiday makers to different points along the canals. The water bus stops can usually be found controlling either one side of the canal.

Places of interest for Grand Canal vacations include many points around Venice. At noon, you can walk from one side of the Bell Tower to the other. It is a good idea to book your taxi tour in advance. The river is currently too shallow for the boats to navigate, so booking a taxi tour for a first time trip can prove to be practical. A yellow cab can be found near the entrance to the marketplace.

Did you know that St Mark’s Square is actually the biggest square in the world? There are many facets to the Grand Canal. In the evenings, shops overrun the once magnificent square. A circle of shops is known as the©Formentera,” which is a symbolic location of transformation.” It is said that when you visit theseformentera, you are literally transformed.

One of the most spectacular sites can be found at the end of the Grand Canal.Before the Bell Tower was built, the river connected to the Castle’s former lagoon. It was a dominant landmark, controlling all approaches to the city.

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One of the interesting features of theseformentera is the way they were built. According to an account byAmboise Kelly, who was thearchitector of the Grand Canal, they were first dug out by one man, then gradually joined by a team of lifters working for him from beneath the massiverows supported by many horsemen andmen on boats. According to another account, the canal was first dug by Lady Elisabeth session, soon after her marriage in 1632. Inthe Madrid direction and it turned out to be Lady Elisabeth session’s bed-time.

The formentera were originally built to access a supply of fresh water, to be delivered by a new bridge to the old city.

Temporarily, the supply of water to the city was interrupted in 1729 by an North Sea tidal disturbances. It was again restored in 1760. The tidal disturbances were so violent that the ships were nearly grounded, and some of the lives of the sailors were lost. In 1810, a serious flood occurred, and the formentera became a public hazard. The tidal waves destroyed most of the wooden buildings nearby, and also threatened the lives of the servicemen serving the city.

In 1832, a new levee was built, and the old site soon grew into a growing residential area. After many years of neglect, and growing popularity of the sea, a new home was put on the land.

The project consisted of going up and back along the old canals, and also involved excavating part of the ancient settlement. What they found showed that the area had indeed been settled on before the great tidal wave. The inhabitants of Venice had by then built three new districts in the area, and two of these had been destroyed by the tidal waves.

The Perfect Waterfall Getaway

The feeling of being wet, sleepy and clammy is one that most people have at one time or another. Inevitably, many of us spend a lot of time looking for a place to take a bath, or a picnic, or even a swim. But what we really need is a waterfall to cuddle up next to on a rainy day.

This is especially important when it’s a small waterfall, one that might be hidden away at the bottom of a lot of cliffs or mountains. For those of us with small children, who need to be near a waterfall but don’t want to be wet, small catamarans are often the most practical option.

But most people who spend a lot of time near waterfalls simply have nothing to worry about. Ninety percent of them will tell you that they love to be next to a waterfall. It’s no secret that those of us who work in the film industry suffer from writer’s block every time we sit still for even a couple of seconds. But having a hot shower or relaxing bath allows us to move on to the next thing with ease.

When you consider the importance of waterfalls in a landscape, they lose their shock value and become just another piece of natural landscape. But every now and then, a waterfall really does offer you breathtaking scenery. Such is the case of Blue Creek Falls in Oregon.

The best thing about seeing a waterfall is that you can see them from practically any direction. An easy walk allowed me toupe into a large pool from whence I looked out on the waterfalls like I had been doing all my life. This is a stream that flows through a towel rock that slides easily over the cascading water. The rock reflects the yellow roar of the falling water and make the cool mist-like water seem to step off into the abyss below, leaving a film of mist in the air.

According to the brochure, the park is open 365 days a year, assuming the weather is safe for tourists, but that may not be the case every time. I enjoyed the spray of the falls from pretty far away, and reserved the only spot in the park that I didn’t have to stand in line from six feet in the air. Trail light signs mark your approach in places, so you don’t miss the falls. Or the light, for that matter.

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The falls, which tumbles 749 feet down a precipice into a large pool, has a lot to offer anyone who is willing to get wet. I got pretty good at floating in it. There is a big wheel that you can drive attached to the wall to which you can pull your chair, or you can climb the wooden staircase to the top and enjoy the view from there, which is a good idea, because you may never get the chance to get back down again. Theoola is located in Oregon, just off the Oregon Trail. Take US 101 to the I-5 highway and head east to I-405. Then take I-405 to the Columbia River turnoff. Drive along the shoreline of both shoulders of the gorge. The road is easy to navigate in its entirety. The highlight of the walk is usually the incredible view of the waterfalls, as well as the surrounding jungle.

The Weather

With its semi-arid climate, Monument Valley is benefitting from an unusual conjunction of clear skies and clear skies. Right now, the weather is about 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit (27-30 degrees Celsius) with a daily temperature range of from 70-80. Many of the locals call this tranquility, and it is a place to bring out your peace and quiet. The one exception might be experienced if you are a midnight or midnight fan. Then, please don’t ever call it tranquility.

To book the restaurant and get current information on new restaurant specials and hours, visithttp://www.

The Heritage Museum

Did you know the Monument Valley area was established as a Indian village in the1800s? This part of Northern Idaho’s population is dedicated to preserving and perpetuating that early heritage.

The museum is operated by the Palo Alto reservation of the Anza-Borrego State Scenic Highway, which encompasses the lower Goodsprings and upper Jackson Hole portions of the valley. The remote area is known for its beauty, and it’s rare to come across anything but pristine.

Eldorado Canyon Fire Station

Just off plateaus and hills, the Eldorado Canyon Fire Station is one of the finest preserved wagon stations west of the Mississippi River.

The fire house has a large stone fireplace and Classic Western meals are served at tables under the stars. When in town, be sure to swing by the grocery store and buy your groceries in person. You can then take a short ride to the town center.

Menapaki Jejak Peninggalan Islam Di India, Saksi Bisu Kejayaan Islam

India merupakan salah satu negara yang penduduknya beragama Hindu. Namun demikian, tidak sedikit masyarakatnya yang memutuskan untuk memeluk Islam. Sekalipun persentase kedua kepercayaan tersebut cukup berbeda jauh, namun keduanya hidup dengan damai. Disebutkan bahwa ditemukannya beberapa penduduk lokal yang menganut ajaran Islam ternyata tidak terlepas dari adanya perjuangan masyarakatnya dengan dibuktikan adanya sebuah warisan dunia benteng Agra yang sangat populer.

Disebutkan bahwa warisan dunia benteng Agra ini ternyata dijuluki sebagai saudaranya Taj Mahal karena jaraknya yang cukup dekat serta adanya benang merah yang sama diantara dua bangunan fenomenal tersebut. Berlokasi di Uttar Pradesh, India, benteng Agra ini didirikan oleh generasi ketiga dari Kaisar Mughal yaitu Abu’l-Fath Jalal ud-din Muhammad Akbar atau yang dikenal dengan “The Great” Akbar.

Sekilas mengenai warisan dunia benteng Agra

Keberadaan warisan dunia benteng Agra memang menjadi destinasi wisata kedua setelah Taj Mahal yang pastinya sangat recommended untuk dikunjungi. Dibangun dengan melibatkan setidaknya 5.000 pekerja dan selesai dalam 8 tahun lamanya, benteng Agra atau Agra Fort ini kemudian ditetapkan sebagai warisan dunia oleh UNESCO. Dikelilingi oleh sebuah tembok yang besar setinggi 21.4 meter, benteng ini memiliki panjang sekitar 2.5 meter sehingga membuat lokasi ini dikenal dengan sebutan Walled City.

Untuk bisa memasuki warisan dunia benteng Agra dan mengeksplorasi bagian dalam benteng, seseorang harus melewati sebuah jembatan yang dibawahnya terdapat kanal. Dahulunya, kanal tersebut berisi air dan menjadi rumah bagi buaya liar. Saat ini, kanal tersebut telah mengering dan ditumbuhi oleh rerumputan yang sangat hijau. Setibanya di depan pintu, wisatawan akan mendapati adanya gerbang yang dijuluki dengan Amar Singh Gate. Jangan lupa membayar 250 Rupee sebagai tiket masuk.

Ketika kaki menapakkan bagian dalam istana warisan dunia benteng Agra, wisatawan akan dibuat kagum dengan berbagai desain arsitek yang sangat menakjubkan. Tidak kalah menariknya lagi, wisatawan juga bisa menikmati indahnya pintu gerbang yang menjulang tinggi dengan keindahan arsitektur yang begitu mempesona. Pintu gerbang ini selanjutnya dikenal dengan sebutan Akbari Darwaza.

Menikmati indahnya istana Jahangiri Mahal

Untuk menikmati keindahan dari warisan dunia benteng Agra, kali ini wisatawan akan melalui sebuah jalan yang memiliki kontur sedikit menanjak dan diapit tembok. Selanjutnya wisatawan akan memasuki Jahangiri Mahal yang notabene merupakan istana dari putra Kaisar Mughal yang keempat. Dengan bangunan yang sangat luas, istana ini ternyata memiliki bagian lain di dalamnya dengan gaya arsitektur yaitu perpaduan Hindu dan Islam. 


Didirikan pada tahun 1611, Jahangiri Mahal yang merupakan bagian dari warisan dunia benteng Agra ini memiliki dua kubah yang sangat indah pada sisi kanan dan kiri yang kemudian dikenal dengan sebutan Chattris. Pada masanya, Chattris yang disangga oleh empat pilar ini dianggap menjadi simbol dari bangunan tersebut. Tidak hanya itu saja, di pelataran juga terdapat sebuah cangkir raksasa yang menjadi icon dari tempat wisata tersebut. 

Selain menikmati beberapa bagian dari warisan dunia benteng Agra yang sangat populer tersebut, wisatawan juga disarankan untuk mengunjungi beberapa bagian lain seperti halnya Dewan-I-am yang merupakan ruang terbuka dan digunakan sebagai tempat berlangsungnya berbagai kegiatan formal di masanya. Selain itu ada taman bunga yang begitu mengagumkan di bagian Anguri Bagh dengan sebuah air mancur pada bagian tengahnya. Dihiasi dengan berbagai bunga yang indah dan bebatuan berwarna-warni, menjadikan taman tersebut sebagai spot berfoto bagi wisatawan.

Menara Pisa : Objek Wisata Terfavorit di Italia

Italia adalah sebuah negara di kawasan Benua Eropa yang memiliki berbagai tempat wisata terkenal di dunia. Selain itu, Italia juga dikenal akan koleksi arsitekturnya yang sangat klasik dan luar biasa. Tak heran setiap tahunnya jumlah wisatawan yang berkunjung ke Italia dari berbagai negara juga semakin meningkat. Salah satu tempat wisata yang terfavorit di Italia sekaligus menjadi tempat wisata Eropa yang wajib dikunjungi yaitu Menara Pisa. 

Lokasi Objek Wisata Menara Pisa 

Bagi Anda yang berencana mengunjungi  wisata  Eropa, tak lengkap rasanya jika tidak mampir ke Menara Pisa. Menara ini berada di sebuah alun-alun bernama Piazza de Miracoli tepatnya di Kota Pisa, Tuscany, Italia. Sebetulnya alun-alun tersebut adalah taman yang terbagi menjadi tanah bersemen dan tanah berumput. Di dalam alun-alun ini juga terdapat 4 buah bangunan yang sangat terkenal. Uniknya, semua bangunan tersebut didominasi oleh warna putih. 

Keempat menara itu adalah Camposanto, Duomo, Baptistery dan Pisa. Dari keempat menara tersebut, Menara Pisa merupakan yang paling terkenal dan sering disebut Menara Condong Pisa. Bahkan Menara Pisa seolah menjadi landmark kota Pisa sehingga menjadikan alun-alun di kota tersebut tak pernah sepi wisatawan. 

Sejarah Menara Pisa 

Sebagai salah satu destinasi wisata Eropa yang populer di dunia, Menara Pisa juga memiliki sejarah unik. Pembangunan menara ini dikerjakan dalam tiga tahap kurang lebih selama 200 tahun. Pembangunan lantai pertamanya dimulai pada 9 Agustus 1173 dengan menggunakan campanile berbatu marmer putih. Masa dimulainya pembangunan Menara Pisa ini juga dikenal sebagai era kejayaan dan kesejahteraan militer. 

Lantai pertama Menara Pisa dikelilingi pilar huruf klasik dan mengarah miring pada lengkungan kerai. Sebetulnya bangunan Menara Pisa dibuat berdiri tegak dengan tinggi 55 meter. Akan tetapi pembangunan menara yang dilakukan di atas tanah dengan kondisi tidak stabil, menjadikan menara ini akhirnya miring sepanjang 5 meter dari garis lurus. Bentuk menara yang miring ini justru menjadi daya tarik tersendiri bagi wisatawan dunia. 

Keindahan Menara Pisa 

Menara Pisa menjadi salah satu wisata Eropa yang terfavorit karena bangunan menara ini memiliki kemiringan sebesar 1 derajat atau sebesar 80 cm bila dihitung dari posisi vertikal. Kemiringan bangunan menara ini berdampak pada jumlah tangga yang berbeda antara sisi selatan dan sisi utara. Meski bentuk bangunannya miring, namun menara ini dijamin aman dan tidak berbahaya untuk wisatawan. 


Menara bersejarah ini juga merupakan salah satu warisan dunia UNESCO. Bangunan Menara Pisa memiliki beragam jenis arsitektur khas dan klasik berwarna putih yang berdiri di atas tanah berumput hijau sehingga sangat cocok dijadikan spot berfoto. Lokasinya yang juga berada di dekat Colosseum menjadikan negara ini semakin mudah dijangkau oleh wisatawan saat liburan ke Roma. 

Harga Tiket Masuk Wisata Menara Pisa 

Untuk memasuki lokasi wisata Menara Pisa, setiap wisatawan biasanya harus membayar biaya tiket masuk sebesar 18 Euro atau sekitar  Rp 145.000 per orang. Namun harga tiket tersebut bisa berubah sewaktu-waktu sehingga Anda perlu mempersiapkan budget yang lebih. Lokasi wisata Menara Pisa buka setiap hari mulai pukul 07.00 sampai 21.00. 

Akses Menuju Menara Pisa 

Akses menuju Menara Pisa terbagi menjadi beberapa pilihan, yaitu : 

  • Untuk keberangkatan dari Roma, Anda dapat menempuh perjalanan selama kurang lebih 4 jam menaiki kereta. 
  • Jika melalui pelabuhan Livorno maka jarak yang harus ditempuh sejauh 15 kilometer. 
  • Apabila Anda memilih menaiki bus, Anda cukup membayar sekitar Rp 14.500 hingga nanti sampai ke stasiun kereta api Livorno dan perjalanan dilanjutkan memakai kereta api menuju Menara Pisa. 

Menara Pisa merupakan salah satu destinasi wisata Eropa yang wajib dikunjungi terutama saat Anda berlibur ke wilayah Italia. Selain bisa menikmati keindahan Menara Pisa, Anda bisa belajar tentang sejarah karena lokasi menara ini juga berdekatan dengan bangunan-bangunan lain salah satunya yaitu Colosseum. 

Melihat Sejarah Buda Castle yang Menarik

Budapest merupakan salah satu kota tercantik yang ada di Benua Biru. Ibukota negara Hungaria menawarkan pesona kota yang tertata begitu rapi dan menawan para wisatawan. Jangan heran kalau banyak orang yang ingin datang ke kota yang memiliki ragam bangunan bersejarah. Salah satu tempat bersejarah yang wajib Anda kunjungi saat liburan ke Budapest adalah Buda Castle. 

Sejarah Buda Castle

Buda Castle merupakan istana raja-raja Hungaria yang dibangun sejak tahun 1247 hingga tahun 1265. Awal mula kastil bernama Royal Palace yang dibangun oleh King Bela IV of Hungary yang sempat alami keruntuhan hingga pembangunan benteng kokoh mengelilingi reruntuhan kastil pada masa Raja Sigismund pada tahun 1410. Pembangunan kastil mengalami masa keemasan dengan sentuhan arsitektur khas Italia setelah Raja Matthias Corvinus menikah dengan Beatrice pada tahun 1476. 

Meski pernah menjadi kastil bergaya gothic termegah di Eropa, kastil pernah mengalami kerusakan parah pada masa kekuasaan Kesultanan Ottoman. Battle of Buda yang terjadi pada tahun 1686 menghancurkan seluruh bangunan. Kastil termegah di Hungaria mengalami perubahan gaya baroque tahun 1715 hingga serangan Perang Dunia II kembali menghancurkan bangunan kastil. Setelah PD II berakhir, pemerintah Hungaria melakukan perombakan pada Buda Castle dan menjadi salah satu situs warisan dunia UNESCO.

Keindahan yang ditawarkan Buda Castle 

Liburan ke Budapest yang terkenal dengan sebutan Paris of the East tidak akan lengkap tanpa berkunjung ke Buda Castle. Semua sisa peninggalan sejarah masa lampau masih tersimpan di dalam bangunan kastil yang megah. Pengunjung bisa melihat ruangan gothic cellar dan kapel yang dibangun menyerupai masa medieval.

 Jangan lewatkan melihat ruang bawah tanah yang menjadi tempat penyimpanan makanan abad pertengahan, benda arkeologis keramik, patung, ornament hingga karya buku dan musik khas Hungaria.

Bagi pecinta sejarah, liburan ke Budapest bisa menghadirkan kepuasaan tersendiri. Buda Castle akan mengajak pengunjung menjelajah peradaban masa lalu dengan menyaksikan lukisan raja-raja, duke dan count Hungaria yang berkuasa secara bergantian. Sejarah yang cukup menciptakan haru karena pergantian kekuasaan abad pertengahan, jatuh ke tangan Ottoman hingga dikuasai Nazi Jerman.

Tak hanya bisa menambah wawasan dan pengetahuan seputar sisa kejayaan kerajaan Hungaria, pengunjung bisa menyusuri walkway dan menikmati pemandangan kota Pest. Kalau Anda ingin menyaksikan karya dan koleksi di galeri seni nasional Magyar, pastikan menyiapkan fisik dan stamina sebab galeri memiliki beberapa lantai yang harus dijelajahi. Rasa lelah bakal lenyap begitu Anda menyaksikan pemandangan Danau Danube dan kota Pest dari teras melingkar di dome raksasa Buda Castle. 


Selama liburan ke Budapest, pengunjung bisa menikmati paket tur keliling Matthias Church dan Fisherman’s Bastion yang masuk ke kompleks Buda Castle. Mau makan di kantin Buda Castle yang menawarkan harga lebih terjangkau, sah-sah saja. Kalau pelancong muslim ingin menikmati liburan ke Budapest, kemudahan menemukan fasilitas ibadah seperti masjid dan restoran muslim tersebar di mana-mana. 

Pelancong bisa menggunakan bahasa Arab atau Hungaria untuk memudahkan komunikasi dengan masyarakat lokal. Namun, bahasa Inggris juga bisa digunakan pelancong yang tidak bisa menggunakan bahasa Arab atau Hungaria. 

Nah, apakah Anda tertarik mengunjungi Buda Castle? Kalau Anda beruntung tidak ada antrian, maka bisa mencoba naik funicular yang akan membawa penumpang naik 95 meter menuju ke 50 meter lebih tinggi. Penasaran dengan keindahan Buda Castle yang fenomenal, segera rencanakan liburan ke Budapest bersama dengan teman atau keluarga, ya!