Nobody loves dive tourism more than me.

Trust me I am not lying. The closest I ever came whilst living in Thailand was when I went to the local dive shop and got a typical Thai job at $0.10/hr. That’s how Thai jobs are at the moment. You see the gear, you get the job and off you go to that hotel to spend the days Beware!

Me being a poor foreigner cannot stand living in this darkness. I do not like the idea of having to return to my country at the end of my stay abroad. On my first day abroad I took half a day trip to Taiwan. Had my schedule been a little different I could have returned a lot earlier.

The people in Taiwan are wonderful, the food and food Truffles are out of this world and are incredibly cheap if you cook them yourself. Taiwan is also a very religious place. It is not easy to converted, but you can if you pay attention. Some people in the west worry about what is going on in their country. Taiwan is a very safe place and I have not heard of any problems.

When I was there in 2001, I took 2 weeks holiday with my friends. We decided to go to Australia, a much bigger country, full of contrasts. We went there to surf and went to see the Outback. We met a lot of people and learned a lot about the Australian outback. We backpacked for a few weeks and did a lot of interesting things. We also visited Hall and Knowles caves. Whilst doing this we had a lot of chances to talk to Aboriginal people. I talked to my bush friends for about 2 months. You could tell were they were from the bush and many of them were kids. They were happy to tell us about their families and trees.Learning about the culture is the number one thing while camping and bumming out in Asia.

Once I had mymma, I found myself flying home to the states. Instead of going back to Asia, I called a travel agent and booked a flight to Thailand. This turned out to be an ideal vacation. Thailand is a beautiful country and I have traveled many times since my first visit.

I like the Pacific Islands better because they are exotic and not a lot of people know about them. Singapore and Barbados are nice too, but Thailand is unique. It reminds me of the cowboy country and the how the West began. We had a beautiful plane ride to Thailand and we jump of the window as soon as we get there. The place is spectacular.

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Once we landed and the sun started setting we took off running from the airport onto the Island. It was like running full out at high speed; Janeiro maybe! But no, it was exhilarating! We explored the island and did lots of sight-seeing and so much more. We even caught a live show; not sure what that was about, but it was the best show I have ever seen!

The resort was beautiful; lots of crystal light, a lounge bar, a very nice restaurant and of course a handful of staff members to help you arrange your holiday. We had a choice of 4 bedrooms, none of which were ocean view, and sunbathers to chill with, either in the pool or under the sun. Whatever your choice, make sure you get your hands on that awesome beach book! You will not regret it.

The Suites ran a full range of costs and we were able to help our agent put us into the selected dates. The flights were budget, which is great, otherwise you would have to spoil yourself with credit card debt to pay for your holiday! It is worth considering, either going with credit card debt, throwing lots of money into your holiday and worrying about getting sick or getting ripped off. Wellan is right; risk is there is a big chance you will be fine!

Heathrow was on our doorstep this summer and very handy once again. The flight was fine and on schedule, which is what you want. The hotel was lovely and again, there was a bit of credit card debt, but it was easy to deal with as the rates were very affordable. When you stay with hotels on other occasions, you may find that they do not offer such good value for money, that you may want to stay rather than stay in a flatshare.