Almost every poker player can definitely be said to have dedicate at least some level of their poker career to becoming a professional card player. In fact, even if you did not consider yourself to be a professional card player, you most likely participated in some sort of poker tournament or played online there and then. With the advent of free poker and sites such as Fullpull you can finally get to the point where you can say that you have reached the top ranks of the profession.

From what we are aware of, there are around 100 000 professional poker players worldwide. These players are said to be employed by the many big casinos and in some cases are employed by the many small casinos. Around 70% of those players are said to play poker online. It is claimed that where 50 000+ professional poker players gather, there are 1 250 000 players. However, there has also been claimed that the number of players is more than double, with one million players.

The poker played online is said to be tougher than that played in casinos. The best players know the tricks and calls of the game better than the average player. This is said to be the reason why the average rating of the highest poker sites online has around 300 000 players. The weakest links, according to the expert poker players, are Texas Holdem sites. Even though they claim Texas Holdem is the king of poker, there are several rivals who are said to be as strong as it.

The Texas Holdem sites are said to be full of Bots ( automated poker accounts) that play and bet for you. This is a most annoying situation for the real poker players. It seems that the poker rooms are using bots to control the poker tables, which makes the game less interesting for the player. The poker rooms are fine with this as long as they are not said to be cheating.

It is claimed that there is a software available that can stop the bots from betting and therefore giving the real poker player that much desired edge against the bot. The claim is that this software, once developed, will be able to stop the bots from even entering the poker room and playing poker. Once the poker room fixes the poker rooms to stop the bots from playing, then the game will be back to normal.

Huge bonuses are said to be a crucial part of the poker game. Once there is a poker room, sufficient number of players will always find work and earn enough money to sustain the family income. The father will work to support the family, whilst the mother stays at home to look after the kids. Around 30% million people world wide play poker each day of the week. With investments in poker rooms, such a strategy is never feasible.

Poker rooms online will always have a small percentage of winners. The winners are almost always professional poker players and not the average poker player. As there are more skilled players, usually the tournaments will have already large fields and selection of players. As the poker game is so competitive, it is unlikely that a home team will always come out on top.

Poker bonuses are small bonuses to attract new players to the poker sites. Poker bonuses are usually awarded to build a new pot, referred to as the golden nuts.

Rakeback, on the other hand, is the percentage of the rake that has been returned to the poker player. Poker sites can not participate in transfer of money, so they award a percentage of the money received back to the player. Most of the rakeback awarded is back to the player directly. Also, poker sites have found out that credit card companies may charge pennies for credit card deposits, so they compensate by writing a check for up to ten thousand dollars paper to save energy and time in dealing with the check.

Dewalive sites are willing to take the risk in exchange for 100% of the rakeback that is paid to the player.

Rakeback statistics prove that rakeback statistics don’t lie. Cheating is also not a part of rakeback statistics. There are good Rakeback sites that offer many kinds of poker picks and will even offer you special VIP Points for every poker hand you play. You can’t expect to pay one hundred dollars for every hand you play, but you can expect a full rake back analysis on what your poker hands are worth inLockitlingamounts of money. Rakeback is free, so take it!