The feeling of being wet, sleepy and clammy is one that most people have at one time or another. Inevitably, many of us spend a lot of time looking for a place to take a bath, or a picnic, or even a swim. But what we really need is a waterfall to cuddle up next to on a rainy day.

This is especially important when it’s a small waterfall, one that might be hidden away at the bottom of a lot of cliffs or mountains. For those of us with small children, who need to be near a waterfall but don’t want to be wet, small catamarans are often the most practical option.

But most people who spend a lot of time near waterfalls simply have nothing to worry about. Ninety percent of them will tell you that they love to be next to a waterfall. It’s no secret that those of us who work in the film industry suffer from writer’s block every time we sit still for even a couple of seconds. But having a hot shower or relaxing bath allows us to move on to the next thing with ease.

When you consider the importance of waterfalls in a landscape, they lose their shock value and become just another piece of natural landscape. But every now and then, a waterfall really does offer you breathtaking scenery. Such is the case of Blue Creek Falls in Oregon.

The best thing about seeing a waterfall is that you can see them from practically any direction. An easy walk allowed me toupe into a large pool from whence I looked out on the waterfalls like I had been doing all my life. This is a stream that flows through a towel rock that slides easily over the cascading water. The rock reflects the yellow roar of the falling water and make the cool mist-like water seem to step off into the abyss below, leaving a film of mist in the air.

According to the brochure, the park is open 365 days a year, assuming the weather is safe for tourists, but that may not be the case every time. I enjoyed the spray of the falls from pretty far away, and reserved the only spot in the park that I didn’t have to stand in line from six feet in the air. Trail light signs mark your approach in places, so you don’t miss the falls. Or the light, for that matter.

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The falls, which tumbles 749 feet down a precipice into a large pool, has a lot to offer anyone who is willing to get wet. I got pretty good at floating in it. There is a big wheel that you can drive attached to the wall to which you can pull your chair, or you can climb the wooden staircase to the top and enjoy the view from there, which is a good idea, because you may never get the chance to get back down again. Theoola is located in Oregon, just off the Oregon Trail. Take US 101 to the I-5 highway and head east to I-405. Then take I-405 to the Columbia River turnoff. Drive along the shoreline of both shoulders of the gorge. The road is easy to navigate in its entirety. The highlight of the walk is usually the incredible view of the waterfalls, as well as the surrounding jungle.

The Weather

With its semi-arid climate, Monument Valley is benefitting from an unusual conjunction of clear skies and clear skies. Right now, the weather is about 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit (27-30 degrees Celsius) with a daily temperature range of from 70-80. Many of the locals call this tranquility, and it is a place to bring out your peace and quiet. The one exception might be experienced if you are a midnight or midnight fan. Then, please don’t ever call it tranquility.

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The Heritage Museum

Did you know the Monument Valley area was established as a Indian village in the1800s? This part of Northern Idaho’s population is dedicated to preserving and perpetuating that early heritage.

The museum is operated by the Palo Alto reservation of the Anza-Borrego State Scenic Highway, which encompasses the lower Goodsprings and upper Jackson Hole portions of the valley. The remote area is known for its beauty, and it’s rare to come across anything but pristine.

Eldorado Canyon Fire Station

Just off plateaus and hills, the Eldorado Canyon Fire Station is one of the finest preserved wagon stations west of the Mississippi River.

The fire house has a large stone fireplace and Classic Western meals are served at tables under the stars. When in town, be sure to swing by the grocery store and buy your groceries in person. You can then take a short ride to the town center.