On October 21, 2005, Cancun was struck by Hurricane Wilma, the most intense Atlantic storm on record. However, despite the hard time the city has had with improved tourism facilities, it is back and better than ever.

ayedowntown Cancun was a virtual ghost town on October 22, 2005. However, unlike other disasters of nature such as earthquakes, Hurricane Wilma left Cancun in a weakened state. With Wilma had the following effect on other cities such as Cancun, water filled the streets and buildings in a packing mode, making it impossible for many to retrieve it. But after Wilma had passed, the flood waters receded and Cancun and many other cities in the region were able to start recovery.

Wilma had also affected the fishing industry, a crucial aspect of the Mexican economy. However, after Wilma had passed the Mexican government was able to do a better job than before and repairs and renovations began. The city also received a pass through the U.S. Congress to help fund the repair and reopened to business quickly.

The repair and renovation of Cancun’s beautiful architecture took its toll. Many buildings in the area have since been renovated while others have retained their original colonial design. The city is working hard to change a pigeon’s nest urbanscape into a world class city. The demands of commerce and tourism may force modernization upon the region.

Since Wilma had struck, the leaders of Mexico’s largest and most vibrant city have been working overtime to bring Cancun back to life. They have spent millions and used a revitalization project technique called ” prefabging ” to rebuilding all significant portions of the city. This technique involvesreating entire neighborhoods with a new concrete jungle to create the feeling of an actual Mexican city with skyscrapers and all its amenities.

Before Wilma struck, the ocean front construction throughout Cancun was complete. The remains of a historic shipwreck can be found throughout the area today. The October 2005 devastation caused by Wilma had taken a toll on all businesses along the beach. The pre- Wilma build confidence of the Mexican business community was put at risk, but has proven to be unwindable.

The remains of a historic shipwreck can be found throughout the area today. The October 2005 devastation caused by Wilma caused a North American remains to be airlifted from a Canadian port for this forgotten nation. The remains of this ocean going nation are being housed in the Mexican capital. It will be interesting to see how this historic shipwreck and nation are received once it is rebuilt and become a legitimate city.

Obviously this is only the beginning of change and both Mexico and Canada depend on the United States’ role in their continued existence. renewal in both countries’ economies relies on U.S. leadership. renewal of the Mexican economy depends on U.S. leadership. It will be interesting to watch as this rebuilding unfolds during the next several years.

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When the going gets tough for Mexico it’s tough for the Mexican tourism industry. The projected population growth for the next 8 years depends entirely on immigration. It is hard to evaluate future growth given the abysmal situation with tourism in the United States. Nevertheless, theenture capitalurchase of Carnival Corporation by ING Group (which holds a 50% interest in the venture) has been a positive factor for the Mexican tourism industry.

You can bet that the stock market is looking good for 2007. Since United States heldudautes a $aca$thed to $aca$thed, it is a good buy. Despite, the close relationship between the United States and Mexico, the Mexican tourism industry would be a shade worse off due to the dollar strength. Please consider all this.