What do you mean, like the pros? Many new poker players start playing and think they are making the right move. Then they sit down to play cards with their buddies at the house and loathe to split some winnings with their new friends. So they figure they might as well just stay at home and play online poker. Am I right?

I know that you, like me, understand that not all poker tournament strategies are created equal. Some are good and some are bad. Some are based on a set of hand values. Others are took out of the guru’s compacts and re-packaged for the masses to pal around with. Be assured, the latter group of poker tactics are the most dangerous online you could possibly get.

The vast majority of poker online sites would agree that tight, patient poker is the route to go. You want your money to pay off right? Well then, play tight. Sure, you can play loose and be a jack-ass, but be confident in your hand every time. Keeping at it won’t make you a jack-ass, butpairing your cards is the quickest way to empty your bankroll.

I remember a young poker player that had a big win in a televised final. He was very quiet after the fact and wondered why he got so lucky. His friends around him suggested that he take a break from poker for a couple weeks and mulled over his win. His friends were worried, but he was excited and had this huge thought in his head that he was going to win big again.

He wasn’t having any of that and he was becoming more and more agitated with every hand. Finally, his turn came. He went on tilt and played foolishly. He lost a tournament that he could have won and got thrown out.

That young poker player’s story is common. You can re-run the scenario with every hand of poker online or live. If you play tight and based on hole cards, you will win. If you play loose and like chasing losses, you will lose. It is as simple as that.

The old cliche that the house always wins is true, though. The house does have a built-in advantage that you can not overcome. The house edge can not be beaten in the long-term. Blackjack, Slots, and Craps offer the player the chance to walk away with a advantage, but the higher you go, the bigger the house edge becomes.

The Player must, by law, play with a strategy. A sound strategy, sometimes called a skill. You learn what you must do with a given hand and with any hand. The skill is a learned reaction to your position at the table. When you have position over a player and can make a better decision, you are playing better poker. As your skill improves, you will win more pots.

The biggest myth of all is the idea that you can have a lot of fun winning all the time. You can have a fantastic streak of luck, but that doesn’t mean you will win every time. Even for the best players, there are times when things get really tough, when you are not sure whether to fold or stay, or worse, you get re-raised.

But, just because you are winning doesn’t mean you are playing sound poker. Decisions must be made and actions must be taken. That’s what playing poker is all about.

It is Hard to believe….

maybe it’s time to learn the Rules

Here are the three important Rules of Dewacasino, known as Tournament Rule1200. They were developed by a man name Alan Schoonmaker, and they are listed in the book named “playing poker” by Alan Schoonmaker.

  1. Obey the early position.

The blinds should be under your control early on, not the other way around. To play from the early position, you should be in the small blind, and you should have, at least, an average hand. If you have a hand better than the big blind, you should play tighter from the early position.

From the late position, you should play even tighter, only calling an all-in if you believe you have the best hand.

  1. Begin playing the button.

If you are under the gun, you should begin playing the button, to better your odds of getting a cheap flop.

The blinds will be quite high, and you don’t want to call the blinds with bad cards. To better your odds of getting a cheap flop, you should play tighter from the button.

  1. Early position play calling all-ins, all the time.

Most of the time in the early position, you should be folding hands like JJ and AK.